RIA Institute Bahrain


RIA was created in 1999 to cater to the needs of students with Autism, who might otherwise slip through the cracks in the school system.

It was founded by Dr. Emad Al Attar and his wife Christine Gordon. Seeing the way that their autistic son was needlessly ostracized at pre-school because of his lack of communication skills, they set out to create a place where all children could feel safe and loved whilst gaining, a first class education.

Over the years RIA has steadily developed and established itself as a quality Inclusive Education Centre. Recognising the need to work toward the goal of inclusive education and society, sensitive to everyone's needs has become the main focus of our mission statement. Kids Castle (our nursery department) is a fully integrated mainstream nurser.

In the space of a few short years the wheel has come full circle. More and more schools in Bahrain are opening up to Integration and parents of our normal learning students are proud to see their children as part of the RIA family. Families of former students are our best advertisement, and some are even coming back to volunteer!