• About Us

    RIA Caters to the needs of mainstream learners as well as students with Special Educational Needs offering a year round educational and 'mini' respite service... Read More.

  • Mainstream

    Kids Castle Nursery provides young learners a fun and stimulating place where they are encouraged to explore and express their ideas and thoughts.... Read More.

  • Special Needs

    Working hand in hand with the student's family, we build the learning path that will be of the most benefit to the students' emotional, intellectual and physical needs. Read More.


    Registration is a simple process including a short informal interview before acceptance into the class. Appointments for interviews can be made by email or telephone. Read More.

student Director's Message

  • At RIA we strive to create a positive, nurturing and safe environment where students are able to develop their skills to the best of their abilities. As Student Director, it is my pleasure to work with RIA's professional teaching and support staff to deliver an educational experience for our students that enables them to grow and flourish...read more
    Mrs. Christine Gordon MBE (Student Director)

Administration Manager's Message

  • We are one team with one mission - to address your inquiry as courteously and swiftly as possible! It is our pleasure to assist you during office hours. Consider us an extension of the classroom to support you and your child during their time at RIA. Please come and say "Hi!"...read more

    Mr. Nagi Salama (Administration Manager)