With the mission statement of 'Education for All'  and promoting awareness of living in the community with particular regard to persons with physical and intellectual disabilities  RIA  Caters to the needs of mainstream learners as well as students with Special Educational Needs offering a year round educational and 'mini' respite service.  RIA teaches in both English and Arabic. Our  dedicated staff are at the heart of RIA and Kids Castle Nursery...

We are a 'melting pot' of nationalities, languages, and cultures and together we work hard to make every day a special experience for the students and their families.

SATURDAY MORNING Tree House Club From 9 to 12.00, where the focus is on having fun.  We start the morning with an 'original play' session which the kids thoroughly enjoy.  The morning continues with fun informal group activities, such as movement to music, 'Mini Me Yoga', and arts & Crafts. Older students from other local schools are invited to volunteer.  This runs until Saturday 21st June 2014

RIA YOGA   -  Really!......... Listen its lots of fun and relaxing.  You feel great after and its free!.....Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays @ 6.30 (Sorry Ladies Only!)

We are committed  to creating a balanced atmosphere where we can just 'be ourselves' and celebrate and be proud of our individuality. We promote events such as The UN World Day of Peace on 21st September and have been organizing the Peace One Day events in Bahrain since 2002.

The importance of education and living in an accessible community is paramount these days and we have a wonderful opportunity to guide our young.


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